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Common Questions about the Diagnostic Center

If your answer isn't here, please call us at (510) 879-5004.

What if my child is under age three?

If your child is under age three and you are concerned about their development, please talk to your child's primary physician or you can request an assessment at the Regional Center of the East Bay

What if my child is almost age five? 

If your child is enrolled in Kindergarten (or in an older grade), they can be assessed for special education eligibility and services at their elementary school.

If your child is about to turn five and enter Kindergarten in six months or less, our diagnostic center will support you in linking you to the correct elementary school for assessment.  Please give us a call! 

Can I schedule a visit to a classroom?

Once your child has been through an assessment process; has been found eligible for special education; and offered a classroom placement to meet their individualized needs, your family will be given a tour of the preschool classroom that is most appropriate for your student.

Will my child be placed at Burbank?

Not necessarily. We have many other Preschool classrooms that serve children with special needs in OUSD. If your child is found eligible for a special education classroom, you will discuss classroom placement at your child's IEP meeting.

What is the difference between a medical diagnosis and a special education eligibility? 

Actually - a lot! Here is a great article from Understood on the difference. 

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